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Mandatory tag for heavy vehicles in 2015

In October 2014 the Norwegian Council adopted a regulation on mandatory tag for heavy vehicles over 3.5 tons. The regulation comes into force on 1th of  January 2015.

This requirement applies to all traffic by both Norwegian and foreign industrial vehicles (with a permitted total weight over 3,500 kg) on the entire Norwegian public road network. This requirement is aimed at heavy vehicles registered to corporations, state, county or municipal or otherwise mainly used in business activity.

Tractors and motorized equipment and is not included in the injunction. The same applies for a number of defense vehicles and certain groups of NATO vehicles.

Norwegian Public Roads Administration, police and customs officials will verify the use of mandatory a tag in heavy vehicles.

Regulations concerning requirements for use of electronic payment device (tag) also includes terms of administrative penalties for violations of the requirement to use a tag. In case of violation, the authorities may impose a fee of NOK 8,000, which can be doubled by repetition.

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