Without AutoPASS tag

The owner of the vehicle will receive an invoice via post. The invoice only contains the basic fee.

See more information  “Regarding Invoices” below.

Without AutoPASS you have to pay the basic fee. Become an AutoPASS customer and get discounts.

With AutoPASS tagfrom Bergen Bompengeselskap AS

AutoPASS subscription offers you many possibilities of paying your invoice


  • Choose Efaktura or Avtalegiro after first payment in your bank, so next invoices are sent directly to it
  • Epostfaktura lets you receive invoices via e-mail, you can pay them manually at your bank
  • Via post

With AutoPASS tabfrom another company

You have a tag from a different tolling company? Feel free to use it, but please keep in mind that we charge you differently. See the details below.

Toll stations in Bergen
Basic Fee


With AutoPASS from Bergen Bompengeselskap AS you get many discounts listed in the prices table!

Regarding invoices

Invoice from EPC:
As a foreigner you will receive an invoice from Euro Parking Collection (EPC) service directly to you home country, in your country’s currency.
Have you received a notice or need Client Service?

Invoice from Norway:
If you want to pay a Norwegian invoice abroad, please find the needed data below:
Iban: NO0852100546000 / Swift: DNBANOKKDXXX